We have multiple workshop running for creative art therapies.

Art Therapy
Welcome To The New Era of Healing
Art therapy is a mode of therapy involving the use of art media to explore emotional, cognitive and physical processes. Let's learn to express our emotions through colours.
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I Want to Improve, I want to Feel Better, I want to Grow, I love art
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Emotionally Struggling
It’s just been a lot and it’s difficult to process your emotions.
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Finding it Difficult to Focus
I’m sorry, what was that? I missed your point.
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Feeling Anxious
This train of thoughts, tightness in chest just feels heavy.
About the Therapy
Is it a way to express emotions, heal emotional wounds, and reduce the risks of mental health problems? Is it a way to get in touch with your creative side and make use of your natural skills? Is it therapy in its truest sense, with the goal of not just feeling better but fundamentally changing who you are?

The answer is yes. Art therapy is all these things — an introspective journey from which you will emerge a new person. It can help you address current anxieties and past wounds that cannot be healed any other way.
About the Workshop
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Sharmeen Kaur


Sharmeen is a qualified Mental Health Profession with specialization in Expressive Art Therapy. She is passionate for different art forms and inculcating them for mental health. 


Bye Bye Anxiety

This is an expressive arts-based therapeutic workshop specially designed for individuals who are seeking ways of coping with their emotions and feelings of anxiety.


For You, With You

This workshop will help in facilitating the client to engage in play, movement and arts for their own wellbeing and self-regulation.


Let's Heal Together

It is a space of reflection where the focus is on the process rather than the outcome of the artwork. 

27 Aug 2022
05:00 PM- 6:15 PM
Zoom Session
Pen & Paper
Who Should Attend?

Art Therapy is relevant to people of all ages. The average age of a person in our art therapy programs is between 18 and 40 years old depending on the type of program, the patient’s diagnosis, and the individual needs of each patient.

Anyone who needs help making sense of their emotions and how they express it through art. In this form of counselling, people may benefit from art as a medium for self-expression as well as healing. Anyone who has struggled with depression, trauma, or other emotional issues may benefit from art therapy.


It is for anyone who needs or wants to open up about his or her emotional problems and struggles. Some of the issues that can be addressed through art therapy are: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual problems.


When you’re trying to love yourself a little more, this is a great step to move forward.


Let’s give a strong boost to your employees’ productivity, focus and happiness index.


Your students are going to feel more calm, energetic and focused with your little effort.

Notable Benefits of Art Therapy

  It relieves anxiety by providing a non-judgmental environment in which patients can unload their feelings.

  It assists patients with demonstrating feelings and insights in ways that can transfer to real life situations.

  It is used by therapists as a means for exploring the unconscious mind through images, symbols, metaphors and myths.

  It provides a forum where patients can explore and express any feelings they wish.

  It encourages personal growth as well as the development of positive emotions and lifelong coping skills.

  It provides a safe place for the expression of feelings through imagery and symbolism.