Are you bewildered about which career option to take up? What course to pursue after graduation? When to switch jobs or which industry aligns with your skills? If these questions float in your mind often, then career counselling is what you need. Career choices mould the kind of life an individual sees for themselves. 


The main goal of career counselling is to acquaint and educate about the multitude of prospects that have an impact on one’s life. Guidance will be provided all the career paths available, their
thorough analysis and making the decision to choose what suits you best. The ultimate decision-
maker would be you along with some extrinsic support.

Since the career aspirations are different for everyone, it's important to ask related questions and seek assistance for the same.

When should you consider career counseling? 


If you are flummoxed between the decision to grab a job or study further.


Confused about the kind of industry you  are best suited for and need insight about it.


Choosing between a plethora of job options


Considering quitting your current job


Have a thought to switch to a new job industry after a few years of experience of work


Want an elaborate understanding of the field that suits you best after your higher


Assistance in dealing with the environment at work

Therapy and Benefits

Student Career Counseling

It is a kind of counselling offered to students who are unable to choose a career. Guidance is provided to them keeping in mind their educational background and the
prospects that it holds.

Professional Career Counseling

This is specifically for the people who are uncertain about their current job. It is for those who wish to explore a different career or industry. If quitting the job feels difficult or changing the industry deteriorates your mental peace, go for this counselling. Our experts will help you choose the right career.


This is primarily for the employees who are going through a rough phase at their workplace. It can be due to burnout, fatigue, negative pressure, toxic work environment and so on. We have counselors to help you surf through these times with a positive mindset.

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Parent Counseling

This is provided to the parent’s who wish to understand their child’s personal growth strategy. These sessions would help you to mould the  behavioural aspects of your child. This can be done by keeping your well-being in a proper state. Also helps the parent get an insight into the child’s interests and aspirations.

Premium Growth Programs

Our organization has supreme quality programs for the mental development of kids, young adults and high school students. The programs like MindQ, PACT and CALM are internationally accredited and focus on increasing the concentration abilities, builds curiosity and shapes the personality of children.