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Care for your Students

Why should we care?


Students are witnessing increased levels of anxiety due to current placement related complexities.

Unhealthy Habits

Study from home and limited physical workout has left students to adopt unhealthy digital habits impacting their short and long term well-being.

Limited Social Exposure and Growth

Limited social interaction has challenged the growth of communication and problem solving skills.

Why should you partner?

Deal with Placement Anxiety
Higher Engagement Rates
Customized Well-being Support

How it works?


Assessment of needs for all students by experts 

Group Sessions

Customized group therapy session depending on the needs

1-1 Sessions

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1-1 counseling sessions support for relationship, family, fatigue and career related issues 

Wellness Workbook

Customised thematic activities shared with students

What it includes?


Multiple therapies based on individual interests.


Various counseling sessions based on individual asks.

Clinical Consulting

Clinical psychology sessions for issues and illnesses.

Adult Students


“It felt truly relaxing and grounding. I actually took a day off from my schedule. Earlier, it was hard for me to take a break because of stress or anxiety but the session made it possible for me to take a much needed break and rejuvenate. I practiced mindfulness around my breathing during the day and it helped with feeling more alive and happy. Thank you.” 


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