Conscious Caregiver Workshop
We understand as a caregiver you are going through a lot internally which unfortunately you can’t share with anyone.
This workshop is a special initiative by our Founder since she has been through similar challenges with her caregiving methods.

A Conscious Caregiver workshop covers ways of effective communication, understanding of existing mental health solutions, sharing emotions, and self-care strategies. 
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I Want to be Informed, I Want to Support and I want to be Guilt-free
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Caring for someone
If you are supporting or a friend to a loved one undergoing mental distress and disorder
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Feeling stressed as a caregiver
If you are going through a lot and have feeling of guilt, stress, frustration and anxiety
About the Workshop
The conscious caregiver workshop will be held by a senior psychologist and is psychoeducation roundtable for caregivers, in which we discuss various elements of caregiving for a loved one. These include
1. Self-care strategies
2. Crisis management
3. Communication with loved ones and current mental health solutions in India 

Not only this it will also give you an opportunity to listen to other caregivers undergoing similar situations. Along with that you can ask any question to a psychologist and get answers immediately without having to disclose your identity (if you chose that)
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Looking for psychoeducation
If you are wanting to learn about the current solutions  and perspectives of other caregivers dealing with the same situation 
Elements of Workshop
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Zoha Merchant


Zoha is a counselling psychologist with 7 years of experience working with children, youth and adults.

She is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist but adopts a multidisciplinary approach based on each client's needs.


Learning to Communicate

We designed this workshop for individuals who are struggling to communicate effectively / convince their loved ones about treatments/ regular discussions undergoing mental health issues.


Assessing Mental Health Solutions

We will also cover how to identify when a person is struggling with mental health issues and what could be the best solutions available in India (in your city).


Self-Care Coping Strategies

We will discuss various coping mechanisms that assist caregivers to cope with their and their loved ones' needs. Some of the typical emotions to be discussed are feeling of guilt, unstoppable crying, sadness, escaping, helplessness, frustration, and anger


Caregiver Circle

Learn from other caregivers' ways of dealing the similar situations. This will assist you to feel heard, and understood and equip you to handle emotions effectively

27th Aug 2022
11:00 AM- 12:000 PM
Zoom Session
Pen & Paper
Who Should Attend?

It is for anyone who is involved in a caregiver role including friends, family, and professionals. 

This workshop is designed for anyone looking to develop their self-awareness, learn from other caregivers, the ability to be empathetic, and skills on how to support someone in their efforts to be more functional. It can be helpful for those who are hearing from a loved one that they are struggling, looking for resources to help them through the caring process, and simply looking to develop a greater understanding of mental health issues.

If you are supporting someone who is struggling with mental health concerns, this workshop will give you the tools to be more effective and feel less overwhelmed by the process. Join and experience it yourself.

Anyone who wants to:
1. Identify if my loved is undergoing mental health issues

2. Understand better methods of communicating with loved ones undergoing mental health issues

3. Want to know about other ways of mental health solutions and authentic reading resources

4. Keen to know if they are going in the right direction with regards to the current medical treatment of the loved one.

5. Take some time off to understand your current state of health

Notable Benefits of Conscious Caregiver Workshop

  Improved recognition of mental health issues at an early stage.

  Become familiar with how treatments work.

  Be more confident about what you can do to help.

  A place where you can express yourself and share ideas.

  Understanding burnout and the need to take care of oneself.

  Develop a better sense of the importance of self-care.