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Drama Therapy
Welcome To The New Era of Healing
Drama therapy is the use of theatre games and exercises to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. The use of drama therapy in the play therapy field is a fusion of dramatic methods and techniques with therapeutic approaches for healing, growth and development.
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I Want to Improve, I want to Feel Better, I want to Grow, I love acting
Emotionally Struggling
It’s just been a lot and it’s difficult to process your emotions.
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Finding it Difficult to Focus
I’m sorry, what was that? I missed your point.
Feeling Anxious
This train of thoughts, tightness in chest just feels heavy.
About the Therapy
Drama therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses drama techniques to explore emotional and mental health problems. The therapy can help people communicate their feelings through the enactment of a scene or play, usually in front of an audience. At its core, drama therapy is about helping people to develop the ability to communicate emotionally and express themselves in a variety of ways.
About the Workshop
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Shruti Garg


Shruti (she/they) are an HCPC UK Regd. Drama Therapist, queer affirmative therapist, comic, theatre artist and an aspiring clown, born and brought up in India. Currently, Shruti is happily struggling to mould their drama therapy training to serve the Indian context.


Supports Queer Community


Self Expression

We will learn to communicate our emotional experiences in an assertive manner using improvisation, using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. We will understand the ability to listen and take turns in a scene and give support to others.


Language development and communication

We will practice expressing feelings like joy, sadness and anger through language with role plays. We also get to work on developing new ways to express ourselves through improv, Simon says, acting games etc.


Self development

We will look at what is stress and how to manage it, why self development is important, what are values and why they are important and how to develop yourself.

10th Sept 2022
11:00 AM- 12:15 PM
Zoom Session
Pen & Paper
Who Should Attend?

Drama therapy is relevant to people of all ages. The average age of people in our drama therapy sessions is 25 years. Our drama therapy sessions are also relevant to people from all backgrounds, cultures, social and economic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Everybody has the skills needed for drama therapy, but some people enjoy it more than others. Drama therapy can benefit those who have difficulty communicating their feelings in a clear manner or have mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorder that make it difficult for them to communicate their feelings in an assertive way. 

Moreover, drama therapy workshops are also suitable for schools, colleges, nursing homes and other institutions that would benefit from the development of communication skills, social interaction and emotional regulation.


When you’re trying to love yourself a little more, this is a great step to move forward.


Let’s give a strong boost to your employees’ productivity, focus and happiness index.


Your students are going to feel more calm, energetic and focused with your little effort.

Notable Benefits of Drama Therapy

  It helps people in developing self-confidence and empathy.

  It facilitates self-understanding and acceptance of the emotions that one is experiencing.

  It builds character by helping individuals become more assertive and confident.

  It helps people overcome trauma and develop a positive outlook on life.

  It promotes social interaction, psychosocial rehabilitation and positive self-esteem.

  It opens up the emotional floodgates by enacting a scene from your imagination that is bottled up inside you.