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Employee's Wellness Companion


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As per Global Mental health study, Deloitte, 2018,
global cost to the companies due to employee burnout.

We Understand Your Efforts and Struggles 

We understand that you have conducted multiple webinars or enabled EAP services to ensure healthy work culture in the company however are still witnessing:

  • Decreased Creativity

  • Employee Burnout

  • ​Poor Team Bonding

  • ​Low Employee Participation

  • Low Motivation in Employees

What if?

Clients are Saying About Us


You already have a mental health partner but witnessing low engagement, low motivation and lesser creativity in employees

We have creative, innovative & evidence-based workshops having 95%+ employee participation

We create personalized wellness sessions and mini-capsules by combining the employee needs and industry expertise using scientific creative forms of therapeutic mediums such as art, music, drama, movement, and writing. This allows us to capture the natural interest of employees increasing the employee participation to 95 percent.

You are already doing your in-house activities

We have the best experts for you working on deep-rooted issues along with employee engagement

We are happy to know that you are successfully conducting various activities. However sessions at ManoShala are conducted by psychologists and experts with more than 7 years of experience from Harvard, NYU, Berkeley etc. They not only ensure employees feel engaged in these workshops but also work at deep rooted issues such as conflicts, motivation, burnout and low creativity. Consistent session with ManoShala improves empathy, conflict resolution, feeling of being heard, improves retention and reduces cost of training

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You are a small organization wanting to begin with employee wellness and engagement initiatives

We work as your extended team by supporting complete end-to-end logistical and creative tasks

We understand your needs are different from larger organizations. We will first assess your current situation and the problem statement to ensure delivering a cost effective impactful session. We will also support you with management and logistics of the entire event including various digital posters, ready-made emailers, videos, managing the participants requirements and technology.

We are Creative in Our Offerings

Let’s also understand after multiple options available in the market why would you choose us over others? This is because we are innovative, impactful and cost-effective! Our healing and wellness mechanisms are as follows:


 Group Music Workshop 

Use of lyrics writing, music creation, hand percussion, music assisted muscle relaxation, lyrics analysis, and lyrics substitution in songs.


Group Drama Workshop

Use role play, storytelling, recitation, poem creation, enactment, stories through puppets, and visualisation.


Group Movement Workshop

Use of mirroring, body visualisation, body mapping, body healing, breathing and body percussions

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