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Employee's Wellness Companion


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As per Global Mental health study, Deloitte, 2018,
global cost to the companies due to employee burnout.

We Understand Your Efforts and Struggles 

We understand that you have conducted multiple webinars or enabled EAP services to ensure healthy work culture in the company however are still witnessing:

  • Decreased Creativity

  • Employee Burnout

  • ​Poor Team Bonding

  • ​Low Employee Participation

  • Low Motivation in Employees

Speak to Us If 

Clients are Saying About Us


You already have a mental health partner but witnessing low engagement, low motivation, and lesser creativity in employees


You are already doing your in-house activities however looking for evidence-based solutions


You are a small organization wanting to begin with employee wellness and engagement initiatives

We are Creative in Our Offerings

Let’s also understand after multiple options available in the market why would you choose us over others? This is because we are innovative, impactful and cost-effective! Our healing and wellness mechanisms are as follows:

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Wellness Workshops

  • Music and Lyric Making 

  • Art for Self Care 

  • Anxiety Circles for Deeper Emotions 

  • Mindfulness-based Relaxation 

  • Yoga-based Physical Fitness

  • Stress Management

  • Mental Health First Aid Workshop  

Mobile Application based Employees Wellness Assistance

  • Expert-led Personal Therapies 

  • Self-Help Tools for Instant Relaxation 

  • Mental Health Articles and Blogs 

  • Utilization Dashboards

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  • Drum Circles 

  • Fluid Art 

  • Laughter Yoga 

  • Storytelling & Creative Thinking 

  • Groovin' with the Team

Skill-based Training 

  • Basic Managerial Skills 

  • Time Management and Productivity

  • Art of Work Delegation

  • Goal Setting and Tracking Techniques

  • Growth v/s Fixed Mindset

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Why Should You Speak to Us? 


Looking for expertise to identify and take corrective actions when an employee is struggling with any mental health concerns.

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Current wellness solutions are not effective in managing employee happiness and productivity.


Low attendance and engagement in wellness workshops


We are working with various corporates, and government institutions to solve the problem as per the wellness budget of the company. We are here to help!