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Deep emotional connection is what makes this work so meaningful for me. A conversation that starts with a simple “hello” sometimes ends with tears and laughter and joy and pain all at the same time. That moment of feeling connected and held is an expansive experience not just for the client, but for me as well. As a feminist, I live my life on my terms with compassion for myself and other women and non-binary persons in my life. The therapy space with me is defined by those same values of respect, justice and autonomy.

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Online sessions

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In-person sessions


Kaynaat Iqbal

Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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A bit about my approach to therapy

I use the trauma-informed lens to ensure the therapy space is collaborative and warm, where talking about difficult things does not become overwhelming. Guided by the principles of Narrative Practice, I view my clients from a lens of resiliency, inviting them to become curious about their values, explore alternative stories and become facilitators in their journey towards self-awareness and growth. By introducing Parts Work to clients when required, I am able to foster curiosity and self-compassion, thereby broadening their coping resources and paving the way for healing. As a queer-affirmative feminist I have the tendency to take a rights-based approach which allows my clients to voice their opinions about systemic oppression. Together, we deconstruct the impact of systems on their lives and identify core values that they wish to embody as a way of fighting back.

What to expect in my first therapy session?

The first session can feel daunting or confusing. I hope to ease clients into the space by introducing myself and attending to any concerns or queries they may have. We explore their expectations from the space and what they hope would be the outcome of our time together. This helps us identify goals for the sessions. I hold space as they share their story, pausing every once in a while to take a breath and explore the emotions and bodily sensations that may come up. As the sessions progress, we delve deeper to reach an understanding of the what and whys of their story. The work helps them develop self-awareness which they take outside the sessions into their daily life.


Education: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology


Gender: Female


Ethnicity: Indian


Languages: English, Hindi

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Works with: People under 35 Years, College Students, Young Adults and Professionals , LGBTQI+

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More specialties: Anger Management, Trauma Management, Panic Attacks, Loneliness, Overthinking, Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Digital Distraction, Irritability and Extreme Mood Changes


Modalities: CBT

About ManoShala

ManoShala is a one-stop solution for all your mental and emotional health needs. We map with the best psychologist after understanding your needs and personality. Our mission is to provide therapeutically aligned, verified, affordable experts for Indians. We specialize in various issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, break-ups, autism, relationship, de-addiction, and employee burnout using various psychological frameworks including CBT, EFT, SBFT, music therapy, drama therapy, art, movement therapy, mindfulness, yoga, DBT, and many others. At ManoShala we have impacted 10,000+ lives since 2020 through personal counseling and group workshops.

Providing Professional & Affordable Online Mental Health Services

We understand what it feels like to be emotionally and mentally in pain since either we or one of our family members have gone through it. We help our clients in choosing a therapist for them and take their feedback very seriously to ensure a smooth therapy lifecycle for them. We have top experts on our platform, each expert has to go through 3 rounds of interviews, and consistent training processes and must have a minimum of a Master's degree in psychology to be listed on ManoShala. Further, we also try to get experts from the best education system in the world including Christ, TISS, St.Xaviers, NYU, Berklee, Lesley, Harvard, and Nimhans among others. Hope to help you or your family member in this journey of growth.


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Client Reviews

Avataars-21 A-21-min_edited.png

The sessions with Ms. Kaynat Iqbal are such that I don't realise how time flies by during the session and I always end up waiting for next ones. She makes the sessions very comfortable, by creating a safe space, where I can be vulnerable and speak whatever that is on my mind. She always listen patiently, and therefore I never feel the need to hurry when I stumble through words, or when I have to think before saying anything. I am glad to have her as my therapist

Miss Kaynat Iqbal has always been very direct, very transparent with me and very gentle with my psyche. She has helped me get to know myself more in just over a month than I managed to in 4 years before that. She never pushes me to find solutions - instead she lets me navigate my own path in our sessions, while being the slightest of voices whispering in my ear, helping me see what has always been before me much more clearly than I managed on my own.

Ms Kaynat Iqbal is an amazing therapist. I've been to a lot of therapists and I wasn't satisfied with any of them till I started therapy with her. She's a well trained professional, she's kind, patient and compassionate. She listens, she's non judgemental and she's a 100% safe space. I feel really validated and understood. She has helped me in understanding how therapy works, she answers everything with patience and she is an excellent communicator. In 3 months, I've noticed drastic change in how I perceive myself and situations and behave accordingly. I've learnt to manage my anxiety better and I look forward to each session with impatience.

Avataars-21 A-21-min_edited.png
Avataars-21 A-21-min_edited.png
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