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ManoShala, a mental health and wellbeing company in collaboration with the BPD Humans community is conducting a session on 'Navigating BPD and Sex'. 

About our collaborators: BPD Humans started as an initiative to share their personal journeys with BPD in May 2020. Milana and Maheema were lucky to be in the same college, pursuing the same course and sharing the BPD Diagnosis. They wanted to build a community for those who experience BPD since it can be a very lonely experience. The small Instagram page evolved into a Support Group guided by a mental health professional. 

About the session: It will revolve around BPD and Sex discussing Hypersexuality, Impulsivity, Fear of abandonment, and Dissociation. 

"Please keep white paper sheets, colors, pencils and pens by your side. You are free to discuss your experiences, coping mechanisms, vent, confess, share your grievances, etc, but abstain from intervening during a crisis or giving any advice because you are not trained for it, that is not the purpose of you being in the group, even if you are qualified, it can potentially make the situation worse for all of you, the person in crisis and other members. A Suicide First Responder will be present in case you feel triggered. Only twenty seats are open."

Session Organiser and Facilitator
Maheema Misra.jpeg


Diagnosis of BPD

Co-Founder of the community BPD Huamns Maheema. She is a Mass Media graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai.  She has a diagnosis of BPD, Depression and Anxiety. She works in the realm of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. She is a trained in Suicide First Response. Occasionally she works in content writing, market research projects. She enjoys varied activities on a good day like painting, dancing, yoga, partying, cooking etc. She is a sister to her dog, Jerry and fond of reading. She is an eternal foodie and grateful to be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun, greenery, seas and soil. 

Milana Prakash.jpeg


Diagnosis of BPD

Co-Founder of the community BPD Humans Milana. She is a South Indian who has been raised in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. She has a diagnosis of BPD and Bipolar Disorder. She is a published author, trained musician, and amateur painter. She is a self-proclaimed sesquipedalian and a lover of Taylor Swift and Studio Ghibli. She is an MBA aspirant on the work front


Alisha Arora

Clinical Psychologist

ManoShala expert Alisha Aroraa, the facilitator of the session. She is an RCI registered clinical psychologist, currently working as a Consultant Counsellor at IIT, Delhi. She completed her graduation and PG at Delhi University. Then she pursued M.Phil in Clinical psychology from the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), New Delhi. She has served as a clinical psychologist for four years at Shanti Home Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. She is also pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Central Institute of Psychiatry,  Ranchi. She has worked for children and adolescents mental health during the COVID crisis in collaboration with UNICEF (Ranchi). 

Our Clinical Psychologist


  • Overthinking, Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Parenting, PTSD, ADHD.

    1,810 Indian rupees
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What Clients Say

"She made me feel comfortable and I could open up to her. She was able to understand my concerns and offered me a lot of solutions and tips to resolve my problems. She even went beyond one hour to explain the advice in detail. It felt like she genuinely wanted me to be happy :)"
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