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Take a look at your parenting style in a new way...
A parent's job is never-ending and can be very taxing. Parent counseling is aimed that providing knowledge, tools, and emotional support to the parents without any judgment on their style of parenting. This counseling is very different from family counseling as it focuses on how you as the parent affect the dynamics of your family. This will assist in providing parents with different modalities to empower them to better understand their inherent parenting style and then dive deeper into it. This will equip a parent with the knowledge of how to resolve their own personal issues, which in turn is impacting the growth and relation with the child.
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Who may need parental counseling?

Experiencing marital problems

Dealing with loss

Understanding child's behaviour and growth

Abusing alcohol or drugs

Experiencing abuse or violence

Struggling with children/teen problems

Book today for ₹1299 and get 2nd session free.
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About our expert:
She is an RCI certified counselor and has 16 years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience of working with all age groups and genders having difficulty with anxiety, depression, life stage transitions (moving, graduation, or career change), suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, relationship concerns, and dating. She is specialized to assist students with ADHD, Autism, lack of concentration/focus, organizational and social skills. She is an expert in parent counseling especially with regard to children having issues like learning disabilities, behavioural issues, and adolescent issues. Her passion lies in maximizing the quality of life of her clients and assisting them to perform to their greatest potential.
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What Clients Say

"She made me feel comfortable and I could open up to her. She was able to understand my concerns and offered me a lot of solutions and tips to resolve my problems. She even went beyond one hour to explain the advice in detail. It felt like she genuinely wanted me to be happy :)"