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Hey! Happy to see you here.

My interest in the field of psychology, and choosing this career path stems from my own personal struggles of navigating through the many challenges life has thrown at me and the love I have for understanding and helping people, which came to me from quite a young age. Therapy is all about feeling seen, understood, supported, and heard, and that is something I wish to show others. In my therapy sessions, I focus on giving you the safety, comfort, care you require, creating a non judgmental environment, an empathetic space for you to talk, and vent whatever bothers you, so that together we can work through those challenges while being compassionate towards yourself and others. I focus on understanding all aspects of your life - the past, present, and future. I discuss the patterns, both healthy and unhealthy, which I notice, and summarize it back to you. I ask meaningful questions that can make you think, and help you know yourself better. I believe therapy is a mutual process of trust, collaboration and genuineness.


Rachel Anne Dutta

Depression, Anxiety, Phobias

Gurgaon, Haryana

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A bit about my approach to therapy

I use a holistic approach with my clients but the major modalities that I use are: CBT, Mindfulness, PCT, Existential therapy. Mostly because I wish for my clients to understand themselves better, what has happened to them, why they're currently experiencing what they are (inner turmoil and confusion), how they relate things, what patterns they create unconsciously. These approaches help me help them take and accept responsibility for their choices, actions, and decisions, helps them find meaning, and purpose while building healthier connections with themselves and others.

What you can expect from my first session

When you come in for your very first session, expect comfort, warmth, and the feeling of safety. I start my sessions with talking about myself, and letting you know of your rights as a client, such as withdrawing, autonomy, confidentiality. I take my time building a connection with you, building a rapport with you, as you do the same, so you feel we are the right fit as client-counselor. As we progress further within the session, we talk about you, what brings you to therapy, what has been burdening you or affecting you, how you have been coping thus far, and so on and so forth. My sessions are client-centric, I do believe you have the full power and control to sail through life's dangerous waves with the help of therapeutic approaches and help. As we keep moving ahead, we continue unraveling most things that were hidden, buried, looked over and use that to heal, grow, learn, unlearn and relearn.


Education: M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology


Gender: Female


Ethnicity: Indian


Languages: English, Hindi

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Works with: Working Professionals

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More specialties: Trauma Management, Panic Attacks, Eating Problems, Loneliness, Overthinking, Self-esteem, Digital Distraction, Sleeping Problems, Hyperactivity, Disconnectedness and Distractions, Irritability and Mood Changes, Confusion, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorder, Dissociative Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Modalities: CBT, PCT, Exposure Therapy, and Interpersonal


Highly Empathetic

Experienced &
Verified Experts

Non Judgemental
& 100% Private

Positive Regard

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Active Listeners

About ManoShala

ManoShala is a one-stop solution for all your mental and emotional health needs. We map with the best psychologist after understanding your needs and personality. Our mission is to provide therapeutically aligned, verified, affordable experts for Indians. We specialize in various issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, break-ups, autism, relationship, de-addiction, and employee burnout using various psychological frameworks including CBT, EFT, SBFT, music therapy, drama therapy, art, movement therapy, mindfulness, yoga, DBT, and many others. At ManoShala we have impacted 10,000+ lives since 2020 through personal counseling and group workshops.

Providing Professional & Affordable Online Mental Health Services

We understand what it feels like to be emotionally and mentally in pain since either we or one of our family members have gone through it. We help our clients in choosing a therapist for them and take their feedback very seriously to ensure a smooth therapy lifecycle for them. We have top experts on our platform, each expert has to go through 3 rounds of interviews, and consistent training processes and must have a minimum of a Master's degree in psychology to be listed on ManoShala. Further, we also try to get experts from the best education system in the world including Christ, TISS, St.Xaviers, NYU, Berklee, Lesley, Harvard, and Nimhans among others. Hope to help you or your family member in this journey of growth.


Client Reviews

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 Everything is top-notch. Online sessions can be more transparent except for just talking like a good video chat so you can feel you are actually talking to a person, there can be a flowy conversation about how the client is doing through the days except for just session days. I personally found it very appealing so pretty great so far! I really like using the 15 minute end time to assimilate and ponder upon the discussion had during the session.

I personally found it very appealing so pretty great so far! I'm able to release a lot of mental load, share the burden without feeling guilty. Thank you for all the sessions, I am able to prioritize myself better.

I have seen changes, to be honest, I have seen progress in myself in my mind. The sessions have definitely given me so many good results and I like the pattern of sessions and homework. I am pretty satisfied with everything and I wanted to add that the one thing I adore about therapy is that you ask the perfect questions like the questions that would actually work on me. I am pretty sure that this decision of taking therapy has proven its work.

Avataars-21 A-21-min_edited.png
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