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Hey! Happy to see you here.

I’ve a demonstrated history of work in Mental Health Care. I approach psychotherapy with a humanistic and existential lens. I’ve been working for the past 4 years with clients aged 18-50. My work is to help clients gain self awareness and strengthen their self esteem to be able to actualise their true potential. The aim of my practice is to provide a safe space where all lived experiences are honored, no matter their caste, gender, class or sexuality. I enjoy connecting with my clients through pop culture references, media and art. My inclination in art allows me to appreciate the creative work that is at the core of self inquiry. You are a radical being trying living your life and I appreciate and accept you as is. We are all artists and I am just a medium for the person to refine themselves.

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Online sessions


Risha Bhattacharya

Depression, Anxiety, Phobias


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Risha’s Style

Holistic Healing

Identity Affirming



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A bit about my approach to therapy

Therapy is always a unique experience for each client, hence, every plan is tailor made accordingly. For this I have an eclectic approach whereby core practice is Person Centered, which means therapy is going to be a collaborative effort where the client knows themselves best and I use their lived experiences and reflections to work with them. It's a humanistic style where the aim is to help the person achieve their full potential. I practice with a queer affirmative and trauma informed approach.

What to expect in my first therapy session?

In the first session you can expect a calm and accepting space. I will walk you through the basic introduction and how our sessions will look like. I generally like to engage in getting to know the person better and in turn the client does too, so we can know if this is a good fit for you. I aim at answering your questions and we discuss the core reasons for starting therapy. We set up a rough plan for the following sessions and I will try to show you your qualities and strengths which I learned about while talking to you. Therapy should make you feel safe and allow appropriate self reflection and I try my best to facilitate that.


Education: Psychological Counseling


Gender: Female


Ethnicity: Indian


Languages: Hindi, English, Bengali

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Works with: Working Professionals

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More specialties: Relationship, Break-up Issues, Procrastination, Anger Management, Trauma Management, Panic Attacks, Loneliness, Overthinking, Self-esteem, Digital Distraction, Sleeping Problems, Hyperactivity, Disconnectedness and Distractions, Irritability and Mood Changes, Confusion


Modalities: Person centered therapy, Acceptance commitment therapy, Emotionally focused therapy and Transactional analysis

About ManoShala

ManoShala is a one-stop solution for all your mental and emotional health needs. We map with the best psychologist after understanding your needs and personality. Our mission is to provide therapeutically aligned, verified, affordable experts for Indians. We specialize in various issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, break-ups, autism, relationship, de-addiction, and employee burnout using various psychological frameworks including CBT, EFT, SBFT, music therapy, drama therapy, art, movement therapy, mindfulness, yoga, DBT, and many others. At ManoShala we have impacted 10,000+ lives since 2020 through personal counseling and group workshops.

Providing Professional & Affordable Online Mental Health Services

We understand what it feels like to be emotionally and mentally in pain since either we or one of our family members have gone through it. We help our clients in choosing a therapist for them and take their feedback very seriously to ensure a smooth therapy lifecycle for them. We have top experts on our platform, each expert has to go through 3 rounds of interviews, and consistent training processes and must have a minimum of a Master's degree in psychology to be listed on ManoShala. Further, we also try to get experts from the best education system in the world including Christ, TISS, St.Xaviers, NYU, Berklee, Lesley, Harvard, and Nimhans among others. Hope to help you or your family member in this journey of growth.


Highly Empathetic

Experienced &
Verified Experts

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Positive Regard

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Active Listeners

Client Reviews

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I was going through a difficult time in my career and marital relationships. Risha helped me make sense of my situation. I feel glad to have someone who’s non judgmental and understanding and gives me the time and space to grow as a person. Risha helps me be prideful in the roles I play and not criticize myself - student, wife, mother etc. I feel like I can fully be myself when I’m talking to her. Her techniques and process of therapy are very interesting and are useful to perceive things better. I’ve seen positive change in me being in therapy with her.

My therapist is one of the most empathetic , affirmative, practical, and fun people I’ve come across. I’ve never been forced to think or adjust to ideas that I don’t adhere to. Be it understanding sexuality or family relationships. She holds space for me and I’ve learnt to perceive things that make sense to me. Therapy is less intimidating as we can talk about books, shows, art etc to explore thoughts and feelings better and it’s much more helpful than trying to deal with these things by self.

I’ve been in therapy for a year and it has helped me grow as a person. Risha helped me learn how to manage my overthinking and negative self talk. She was open and encouraging and gave me useful insights about my experience. Her approach is intersectional and it helped me realize not to take all the burden and how to create a healthy environment around myself. She’s very knowledgeable and non judgmental. She never discouraged me and would also discuss my choices and progress and it made me feel so much more in control. You can talk to her about anything.

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