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“The mental health of millions of children worldwide has been put at risk, with at least one in seven forced to remain at home under nationwide public health orders – or recommendations – during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 330 million youngsters have been stuck at home, till March 2021, for at least nine months, since the virus spread uncontrollably this time last year.” -UNICEF India

Even in children, mental health plays an equally important role as physical health. Mental wellbeing can assist kids with their emotional and social skills development and can also affect their developments later in life. 


It has been observed that a child’s mental health, in their childhood, condition can affect their growth deeply in terms of how they learn, grow, behave and even handle their emotions as adults.

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"According to UNICEF the current
changes that can be seen in children
as per their age groups are"

In children younger
than five years
Thumb sucking, bedwetting, clinging to parents, sleep disturbances, loss of apetite, fear of the dark, regression in behaviour or widthdrawl from interaction.
In children between 5 to
10 years old
Irritability, aggressiveness, clinginess, nightmares, school avoidnace, poor concentration, and withdrawl from activities and friends.
In adolescents between 10
to 19 years old
Hyperactivity or fidgeting, sleeping, and eating disturbances, agitation, increased conflicts, physical complaints, delinquent behaviour, and poor concentration.

In these challenging times,

In the age of pandemic with learning posing to be a challenge along with other socio-emotional challenges,school routines are an important coping mechanism for young people.


There is no denying the fact that many dimensions of learners did not find full expression during this period and this has resulted in tell-tale signs of stymied growth for all to see. It requires the urgent attention of all stakeholders to address the issues on a war footing before much damage is done to learners.

Every school has been addressing the issues confronting it by trial and error and has had a fair share of success. No school can claim that learners came unscathed during this period.

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Some of the staggering figures

Online learning in the last 18 months took a severe toll on the development process of learners such that as per the Global Lancet Survey

Living Under Stay-at-home Orders

8 in 10

Survey 8 in 10 students are struggling to focus on school or work avoiding distractions.


Parents can support students in simply spending time with them is ranked much higher than talking about covid-19 news.

Impact of Covid-19


Among all students, 48% said having trouble focusing on studies and/or work was most stressful.


74% of students face challenges in maintaining a routine due to the pandemic.

85% background.png
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of the students say that focusing on school and work despite distractions has been the most difficult aspect of staying at home.




Schools Globally

More than half of students
say that they would
not know where to go if

they or someone they knew
needed professional mental
health services right away.

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A lot of schools globally have shifted their focus on the follow attributes to support their students and the digitised education: 

School Int. Image 1.png
Increased academic support
School Int. Image 2.png
Improved mental health resources
School Int. Image 3.png
Focus on soft skills
School Int. Image 4.png
More opportunities for social connectedness
School Int. Image 5.png
Engage in long-term planning to resume to assist student heal and recover

ManoShala Offerings

More than 55% of students say that they wouldn't know where they could seek assistance for their mental health issues or don't know how to assist someone else going through a mental illness. 


We feel the best place to start is accepting the ground realities and begin addressing the issues in all earnestness. Together we can build an ecosystem to plan not only the physical but also psychological and behavioral returning of students to the school.


Our team has come up with the following programs for top schools in India, where we understand the importance of psychological needs and assist in enabling students with a good mental health:

An all inclusive mental health well-being program for school children developed by experts with years of experience with kids and knowledge to bring them back to pre-covid times.
Power of Attention and Concentration Training (PACT) is a unique experiential life skills learning program. PACT lies on the principles of making students curious, responsible, more focused and deliver results with highest standards.
Curiosity and Applied Learning Mindset (CALM) prepares the brain for learning and skill acquisition. Curiosity further empowers to gain more knowledge and motivates learning in both professional and personal life.

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Our Team of Experts

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WhatsApp Image 2021-09-26 at 17.49.41.jpeg

Kamlesh Jain

Senior Life Coach - 15 Years of Coaching Experience

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-03 at 11.47_edited.jpg

Ananda Menon

Senior Psychologist - 16 Years of child psychology experience

IMG_20210605_222312 - Aditi Kumar (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Aditi Kumar

Senior Psychologist - 8 Years of Child Psychology Experience


Tamanna Rajpal

Child Psychologist - Three Years of child psychology experience


Akanksha Singh

Child Psychologist - 2 Years of Psychology Experience

Yoga Instructor_ManoShala.jpeg

Saumya Mishra

Yoga Practitioner - More than 7 years of professional experience with two years of Child Yoga 


Rishi M

Career Counsellor - More than 5 years of Counselling Experience

+ Many More

Associated Reviews

"My daughter Amaira is doing really good in yoga classes and she is improving day by day.
I'm satisfied with her performance."

- Amaira Singh LKG

"Yoga class is superb. 
Your methods are excellent. 
It's really very good exercise for health and to good teaching. 
It motivate her to do daily. 
She feel so rejuvenated after finishing. 
She waits for yoga class eagerly. Thank you"

-  Anshika UKG A

"Good morning ma'am aarya is enjoying her yoga classes as it keeps her fresh and energetic"

- Aarya LKG A

"Hello mam,we really appreciate your enthausiam for teaching and prepardness you bring to the yoga classes we really thnkful to u .Ny child really enjoyed the yoga classes and he is very excited to do all the yoga poses  we love the way that yoga teacher weace yiga philosophy in class we would like to special thnks for yoga teacher."

- Amogh UKG

"I was really wondering  whether gain can be quite like this and attend the class . This is the first time I've seen him silent for nearly forty mintue while attending the class.He enjoyed a lot ma'am.He was so happy to see saumya mishra ,he is waiting for yoga class."

- Divyank Verma LKG A

"Shivaay Yoga class enjoy karta hai usko yoga karna Achcha lagta hai"

- Shivay LKG B

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