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Brushing Away Worries

Brushing Away Worries: Creative Ways as a Tool for Anxiety Management

  • Starts 25 Oct
  • Zoom

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Service Description

"Brushing Away Worries" is a powerful workshop that utilizes creativity as a tool for anxiety management. If worries and anxiety have been weighing you down, this transformative session provides solace and fosters emotional well-being through the therapeutic power of creative expression. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop introduces you to diverse creative techniques like painting, drawing, journaling, and more. Regardless of your artistic background, these activities help you explore new ways of expressing emotions and releasing pent-up tension. Discover the calming effects of mindfulness as you engage in creative endeavors, allowing you to ground yourself in the present moment and let go of anxious thoughts and fears. With a warm and supportive group environment, you'll feel comfortable sharing your creative journey and experiences. Empower yourself to break free from the chains of anxiety and embrace a more peaceful and balanced life. Experience the profound impact of creativity as a valuable tool for managing anxiety. Embrace the healing potential of artistic expression and regain control of your emotional well-being. Join "Brushing Away Worries" today.

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Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or rescheduling of the session needs to be informed 24 hours prior to the session (except for emergency cases). In the case of delayed intimation, the session charges shall not be reimbursed.

Contact Details

+91 9044429962

2/25, Lohai Road, Manhari, Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

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