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This is Why We Do What We Do!
Client Stories  

"The session was quite helpful. I had some issues related to my studies and time management which used to give me a lot of stress but the counsellor helped me with useful solutions which are actually practical."  - Student
"It was really very helpful session...The counsellor was very polite and extremely calm.. I felt very connected to her, like my family... She was very amazing..."
- Relationship Counseling
"It was thorough and to the point. Many techniques and practices were told during the session to counter the respective problem.The counsellor had a professional attitude and positive approach. The communication played a major role and i did not feel dejected anywhere in between. A conducive environment was been set up which really made the session worth of my time. Kudos to Manoshala for such humanitarian efforts !"
- Wellbeing
"Much thanks to the counsellor that I felt "heard" in such a judgement free space. This session was much needed in such overwhelming times for me. Extending a big gratitude and best wishes for future."
- Clinical Psychology
"I love how she listens to everything that I have to say and gives me unconditional positive regard. I feel safe and heard in her presence and the sessions make me feel lighter and happier. She understands what I need and want and answers all the queries I have.."
- Clinical Psychology
"To the point solution & counsellor was calm and helps in soving the problem from root level"
- Counseling
"I felt aware of all that was going on within me. All the emotions came rushing from all over my body to a central space.  It was difficult and uneasy to let go of things/stress/anxiety when asked to. I have these built up emotions of not getting a closure to situations and that's been a hindrance to my growth. I keep going back to it. Yoga nidra totally helped me unearth those and leave to it to the ground while trying to get up again physically but also from those pent up pain."
- Therapy Session
"I felt relaxed , calm and was able to figure out ways to keep my anxiety under control. The difference between mindfulness and meditation was never clear to me but this session made me aware of it."
- Mindfulness
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