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Student Counseling
"Life sometimes gets tough on us and it will continue to be that way but what we need to see is that there is always a bright side to the tunnel. During this time we need to gather ourselves and move forward for our own betterment. At these times we may need advice and assistance. Especially with the increasing stress of exams, social media, career haunting, Covid related issues at every step. This makes a lot of students feel lonely and disappointed in themselves."

Only way to know about it is by talking about it...

Privacy & Confidentiality

First things first, the counselling sessions at ManoShala are private and confidential. The role of the counselling services by ManoShala is to bring about positive behavioural changes in the students and further improve their ability to make their own decisions, understand their true potential and cope effectively with everyday problems.


"She has helped me a lot to get away from the bad place I was in. She is very nice and caring person. She lets me be myself and supports me. She makes me feel very comfortable and understands me. She also exceeds the time limit if I’m not feeling good. If I’m crying or cant explain anything she takes it slow and asks me questions which helps me to explain things. She doesn’t judge me."

"Had never before seen a therapist. Was hesitant about speaking to one.
But she kept the session very light and didn't compel to speak on the go. I spoke little but I'm glad how easy it was.
The mindfulness exercises were also very calming during the session"

"It was a great experience, I couldn't be happier. I've noticed the changes too and I'm so thankful to you for helping me figure out myself and my needs. 
Thank you so much. I'd like to end the sessions as of now, if needed I'll get back to you."

"I personally like the way she heard me with patience and she didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all .  Also she first listened to me in detail and then she told me how I'm supposed to do things and where I'm lacking and praised where I'm good ."

Who may need student counseling?


Exam stress




Covid related




Social media addiction







Book today for ₹899/- only.
These sessions are suggested for all students for their mental health advice and exploration or other positive options.
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About our expert:
She is an RCI certified counselor and has 16 years of experience in the field. She has extensive experience of working with all age groups and genders having difficulty with anxiety, depression, life stage transitions (moving, graduation, or career change), suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, relationship concerns, and dating. She is specialized to assist students with ADHD, Autism, lack of concentration/focus, organizational and social skills. She is an expert in parent counseling especially with regard to children having issues like learning disabilities, behavioural issues, and adolescent issues. Her passion lies in maximizing the quality of life of her clients and assisting them to perform to their greatest potential.
  • What will happen when I will talk to a psychologist?
    Typically, the psychologist will try to understand your current needs and the root cause of your behaviour. Then they will try to equip you with psychological techniques that can provide you with tools to handle your emotions, current state and explore yourself.
  • What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?
    Clinical psychologists focus on a population with serious mental health issues whereas counseling psychologists are equipped to deal with common stress and mental wellbeing.
  • Can I talk to my chosen expert before booking the session?
    Yes, there is a provision under the ‘Talk to Us’ tab on our homepage. Please use that to block a free 15 minute call with your chosen expert.
  • Can you assist me with stopping my tears, palpitations, over thinking or negative thoughts? "
    Yes, these experts are trained to assist you with dealing in such scenarios. These can be time consuming and may need some work but together we can bring positive changes.
  • How can ManoShala assist me?
    ManoShala has more than 30 experts who are verified professionals and are equipped to handle your emotions. We try to provide psychological techniques that can assist you to change perspective, overcome past and deal with yourself.
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