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Hey! Happy to see you here.

I am a practicing Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Corporate Counsellor with 5 years of experience in the field. Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy modalities, Counseling, Research and Psychometric assessment are my areas of expertise. I have received two years of rigorous training and supervision from reputed Hospitals and Rehabilitation centers like VIMHANS, Delhi and Cadabams, Bangalore in IPD, OPD and Daycare. I also take up Counseling workshops and sessions in the Corporate sector. Apart from the Clinical field, I hold a strong interest in the field of Research and love contributing to the field of psychology through the articles that have been published in Magazines. I also conduct workshops, webinars and awareness programmes related to mental health which have been socially recognized, appreciated and rewarded. Along with being a practitioner, I am also a mentor and a teacher to the students of psychology across diverse educational strata.

Online session illustration

Online sessions

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In-person sessions

Tanushree Therapist

Tanuushree Sarawagi

Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Bareilly (UP)

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A bit about my approach to therapy

I follow a collaborative, holistic and eclectic approach. I work together with my clients by creating a safe space for them and I move at a pace that is comfortable and chosen by the client. I use a wide range of psychotherapies which range from traditional psychoanalysis to CBT-based derivative techniques like DBT, ACT and others. I tailor-make therapy plans for my clients, depending on the chief concerns, strengths & limitations of the client and requirements of the case.

What to expect in my first therapy session?

A safe space to openly share anything and everything that is bothering the client. My first session is about informing the client about the process of counseling and psychotherapy and the kind of approach I follow. I solve my doubts or apprehensions that they might have about the process.

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Education: MA in Clinical Psychology

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Gender: Female

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Ethnicity: Indian

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Languages: Hindi, English

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Works with: College Students

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More specialties: Relationship, Break-up Issues, Couple Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Sex and Intimacy Issues, Family Issues, Procrastination, Anger Management, Trauma Management, Panic Attacks, Eating Problems, Loneliness, Phobias, Overthinking, Self-esteem, Digital Distraction, Sleeping Problems, Hyperactivity, Disconnectedness and Distractions, Irritability and Mood Changes, Confusion, Financial Distress

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About ManoShala

ManoShala is a one-stop solution for all your mental and emotional health needs. We map with the best psychologist after understanding your needs and personality. Our mission is to provide therapeutically aligned, verified, affordable experts for Indians. We specialize in various issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, break-ups, autism, relationship, de-addiction, and employee burnout using various psychological frameworks including CBT, EFT, SBFT, music therapy, drama therapy, art, movement therapy, mindfulness, yoga, DBT, and many others. At ManoShala we have impacted 10,000+ lives since 2020 through personal counseling and group workshops.

Providing Professional & Affordable Online Mental Health Services

We understand what it feels like to be emotionally and mentally in pain since either we or one of our family members have gone through it. We help our clients in choosing a therapist for them and take their feedback very seriously to ensure a smooth therapy lifecycle for them. We have top experts on our platform, each expert has to go through 3 rounds of interviews, and consistent training processes and must have a minimum of a Master's degree in psychology to be listed on ManoShala. Further, we also try to get experts from the best education system in the world including Christ, TISS, St.Xaviers, NYU, Berklee, Lesley, Harvard, and Nimhans among others. Hope to help you or your family member in this journey of growth.

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Highly Empathetic

Experienced &
Verified Experts

Non Judgemental
& 100% Private

Positive Regard

Patient &
Active Listeners

Client Reviews

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you are my karmic retribution. The things I have achieved and the person I have become are something I could have never imagined.

I have never met a therapist who is as accepting, nonjudgmental and open-minded as you are. Sessions with you are so free-flowing. I have learnt and grown with each session. #cooltherapist.

The knowledge, expertise and command you have over your field is rare and admirable. I am eternally grateful for all the help and assistance you have given me. Keep up the good work.

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Avatar illustration
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