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Overcoming Dating Fatigue

This is a group workshop experience that helps you dismantle your relationship patterns and assess your readiness for finding a life-partner.

Starts April, 2023

4 sessions | Conducted every weekend

Small group, 6-8 people

75-minute online video conversations

Led by Charvi Didwania

Fee - INR 1750 (after 30% off) for India-based participants | INR 3500 for participants outside India

Goals of the group

Dating Fatigue is a structured group experience which allows participants to have objective conversations about relationships and related behaviours. The emphasis is on achieving emotional progress and building greater resilience

The group will help in decoding your readiness for long-term relationships and also benefit those who have been in long/short-term relationships in the past.

Format of the Group

Dating Fatigue is a mixed format group.

Workshops with an experienced psychologist - These will cultivate a more informed understanding of emotions and behavior as it relates to relationships. There are 4 workshops of 1 hour each.

Group conversations - The group approach brings together people facing similar questions and problems. Conversations in a group exposes members to honest narratives of others which in turn provides better perspective and possibly, everlasting connections :)

Glimpse of the regime

Meet your Facilitator

Preetha Photo - Preetha K_edited.jpg

Charvi Didwania

Psychologist and CBT& REBT practitioner. Charvi loves all kinds of arts, has a background of fine arts, always interested in literature, writes poems from time to time. High functioning introvert, have passion for reading books and psychology. Her approach as a psychologist is direct and binding. She thinks behavior neither decide the destiny nor the character, you always know who you are. She believes in positive regard and humane nature of people and incorporates this in her counselling process. When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary, take a step always to support yourself.

Glimpse of the regime

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