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Experiencing Drama Therapy

There are times in our lives when we feel stuck in the past, are overwhelmed by our emotions or what we are feeling and find it a lot difficult to express ourselves. In such situations, among many others, we can turn to / rely on drama therapy or psychodrama. Drama therapy is a form of expressive/experiential therapeutic technique where we take the help of not just words but also our actions to express what we are feeling or going through. Manoshala with the help of the therapist, Aditi Garg, conducted a workshop on the same.

The drama therapy workshop started with the clients checking in with the therapist/facilitator and sharing how they are feeling. The therapist, Aditi Garg, instructed them to use any kind of movement/action and facial expressions to express how we are feeling to the rest of the group. After sharing this experience, which also acted as an ice breaker among the members, she made them do a breathing exercise to relax their bodies.

The workshop then started with them keenly observing their environment. From noticing different colors to observing their favorite spot, this activity just made everyone feel more connected to their surroundings.

They then were asked to choose objects from the environment that described their role that they play in their daily life, for example, as a role of a student one could choose a notebook and a pen. Using these objects they enacted, in varying degrees/levels of intensity of action, how they would behave in that particular role in their everyday life. For example, a student would use the above mentioned objects to enact the action of writing or thinking or making notes.

The last activity or the main activity was using the technique of role play, the therapist asked the clients to imitate characters and their behaviors whom they really admired or liked or wanted to be. To make it more fun and interactive , a grand applause or cheer was given by everyone in the group as they welcomed a member who was enacting their favorite character. The clients were also part of activities that included miming actions like swimming, singing, cooking or walking given by the other members which proved to be very enjoyable and interactive.

The session ended with the clients sharing their thoughts and feelings with the therapist. The therapist or facilitator also shared her thoughts, said a few encouraging words, told the clients the reason behind drama therapy and also how this experience can be used by the clients for their benefit.

After the workshop the clients found the session beneficial, they found themselves a lot more cheerful and happy. They really loved the workshop and found it amazing as they felt really relaxed. They also found the workshop really fun, enjoyable and interactive.

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