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Ah, if you are trying and looking forward to new ventures and skill-building, probably inclusive growth would be worth an option to explore. Yes! Personal and professional growth can be inclusive, whenwe reconnect with our community and significant others, for a sense of support.

This method of growth originated as a value paced, educational approach of life skills training emerged, as a self-help tool, to integrate theory and practice. Right from its beginning, this therapeutic approach addressed the concerns and struggles that we face in our everyday life. For instance, a person suffering from hypertension might not be showing positive results which would in turn worsen the situation. In such a case as a life skill tool, we can use relaxing imagery or other such creative therapies that may first tackle our fears and anxieties, eventually assisting us in finding a solution.

This process is also known as healing, where we first deal with our thinking and feeling that tends to be an inner process. Followed by change in our behaviours that is surrounded by our actions. This is why it becomes important for us to first deal with our inner process to actually act on our thoughts leading to personal and professional growth.

Following are the four illustrative R's required to begin with inclusive growth:

  • Responsiveness: This includes awareness of our feelings, inner motivation and sensitivity to anxiety and guilt.

  • Realistic orientation: These refer to our ability to think for our own personal reality, for instance our core strengths, weaknesses, financial status, educational background, passion and others.

  • Relating: These skills include listening to a person's grievances, managing anger and working with relationships and conflicts..

  • Rewarding activity: These encourage identifying our interests and working on skills that ensure the execution of self-care strategies. For instance naturally allowing ourselves to act by including our favourites, hobbies and other personal motivators throughout our action plan.


At various points in life we choose multiple action plans and many of them are successful. At the same time we must remember that in order to have holistic and inclusive personal growth we require an understanding of life skills. This can be taught or learnt on its own.

Let's together find insights in using self-expression through creative therapies, as a way to explore skill-building opportunities.

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By Bhavya,

Counselling Psychologist, ManoShala