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What to do when your default mood is "sadness"?

It's not your fault that you always feel sad. Whether it's because you are going through a tough time in life or if nothing is making you happy, sadness is your default mood. Though it can be hard to live with, there are ways to put an end to this cycle and give yourself the motivation and inspiration needed for happiness. Let's talk about things you can do to change this condition:

1. Start a journal

Keeping a journal can help you identify the things that make you feel sad. You can record situations, your thoughts and emotions, and anything else that triggers your sadness. Keeping track of your thoughts can help you realize where they stem from and how to put an end to such patterns.

2. Make small changes in your life

If you are unhappy with one aspect of your life, there is no reason not to try something new and different. Doing something new might provide the change you need to move on from old routines or habits that make you sad. Breaking out of bad routines or finding a new interest could give you the inspiration needed for happiness.

3. Ask for help

If you feel that your sadness is out of your control, you should ask for help. It can be hard to admit to yourself or others that something is wrong and you need help, but it may be the thing that makes all the difference in the world. Friends, family and even professionals like therapists can provide insight into your situation. They can also offer solutions such as new coping skills or a new outlook on life.

4. Try alternative therapy workshops

Venturing out of your comfort zone can be hard, but a good alternative therapy workshop can be just what you need to get out of the doldrums. With an array of things like expressive art workshops, dance workshops, drama workshops and even educational yoga sessions, there is sure to be something you enjoy and that can provide inspiration.

5. Do something nice for yourself

Doing something nice for yourself doesn't have to cost a lot of money. You could treat yourself to a spa day or find a spot at the park and just relax. Taking some time for yourself can help counteract your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

6. Live life differently

Taking a risk can give you the motivation you need to move forward and to start living your life differently. You could take on a new hobby or sport, try out a new restaurant or even find your way into a new city. These all can help boost your confidence to feel good about yourself and make you feel happier.

7. Get outside of the box

Doing something different could be what is needed to rewire your brain so that it becomes capable of feeling happy. If nothing is making you happy and there are no alternative therapy workshops for depression then it might be time to break traditions and try something different such as cross-stitching, sewing or scrapbooking.

8. Talk about your childhood to someone you trust

People often have a hard time talking about their past and their childhood. If you don't feel comfortable discussing past experiences with others you can find comfort in talking to your therapist or family member. Informing someone of your past can help open up a window of understanding into your life and may help bring forth old memories for you to focus on that can provide the inspiration needed for happiness.

9. Get some sleep

Resting is one of the most effective things you can do for yourself to boost your mood. If you are unable to get out of bed, shopping at the mall or even go out to eat, some rest could make all the difference in the world.

10. Make memes that make YOU laugh

There is no better feeling than laughing at something that makes you laugh. Social media websites such as Tumblr have created sites dedicated to making people laugh by posting funny memes. If you don't feel like posting something yourself, there are plenty of other sites that let anyone share their funny memes with the world.

11. Try writing a poem or a story

Doing something creative could provide you with the inspiration and motivation needed for happiness. A spark of creativity could also help to improve your memory and problem-solving capabilities for life in general. There's no better feeling than completing a task, whether it's writing a story or poem, or making something for someone else.

12. Change your current environment

We never know who is being toxic for our mental health. If you are not surrounded by people who make you happy, then make sure to surround yourself with them. If you don't naturally feel confident around certain people try changing your social circle or even switching school/college/workplace.


Though it can be difficult to live with, there are ways to overcome your current situation. If all else fails, try breaking out of your comfort zone, breaking bad habits and trying new things. These all will help you live a happier life and provide you with the motivation needed to feel good about yourself.

Written by Harshita Sevaldasani

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