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What should I expect of the session?

Reason #1:    A space to get heard

Once you book a session, you will talk to a psychologist who is empathic, non-judgemental and wants to actively listen to your issues.

Just remember, you are not alone. And you will also feel more secure than you did before the support. Getting support doesn’t just mean having someone listen to you. It also means you get access to information, advice, guidance, and other kinds of assistance from different experts.

Reason #2:    Understanding of your current needs

Then she will try to better understand your situation & concerns using psychological frameworks. She will also briefly guide you to identify goals & a management plan for you.


Reason #3: You will know about your senior expert before booking and no hassle of going through multiple psychologist  

She will match you with our senior psychologist on board who will be a part of your healing process. Then you can book a session with your psychologist with complete information about your current situation and the expert's understanding.