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Find joy, connect, rest well, and feel calm. Get back your energy and happiness.

Tackle relationship. Clear misunderstandings, enhance intimacy, and address sexual concerns for a fulfilling bond.



Conquer nightmares, flashbacks, and jitters. Restore hope, trust, and peace after confronting distressing memories.


Overthinking, ease fear, sweating, trembling, restlessness, and panic attacks. Regain peace and confidence.

Not sure what's happening?

Talk with our psychologist to understand yourself better and find clarity.

Success stories

Manoshala is close to my heart because it has given me a space where I have got the best therapist, Zoha. She is a super chill and all ears kinda of person and gives you the enough time to express and yourself. All her recommended ways are simplistic and easy to adapt. She understands your issues and challenges and help you understand yourself as where we can be better and how. A 5/5 for both Manoshala and Zoha.

Shubhita Arora

Your yoga classes are extremely rejuvenating . After attending your yoga classes body feels active and it develops breath and strength of mind and body. Initially feel that yoga helps you manage stress and it improves strength, balance and flexibility. And your yoga classes are a blend of all these qualities. Keep up the good work .👍

Priyanka Agnihotri

A great experience. I left the session feeling lighter, happier and a little bit more aware about not only myself, my feelings but also my team members’. Would definitely recommend participating in such sessions.

Urshita Sharma

I tried therapy at Manoshala, and it was a transformative experience. The therapy provided me with valuable insights, helping me to navigate life's challenges with greater ease. What truly stood out was how incredibly caring and attentive they were throughout the entire process. Their genuine concern for their clients made the journey even more meaningful. Highly recommended!

Mehak Vardhan

Manoshala is truly exceptional. The staff is caring and knowledgeable, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Their therapies are effective, and I've seen significant improvements in my well-being. I highly recommend Manoshala for anyone seeking support.

Khushi Gupta

The session was really wonderful. I didn't knew about drama therapy before but after having the session, I felt more relaxed and happy. It did something magical and with the entire team it felt like you are not the only one going through stuff. A much needed one. Highly recommend it! <3

Neha Ghosh

Easy to book an appointment, chatbot was available for having any doubts, the therapist was on time and also rescheduled the session when I was not available and they didn't charge extra for it; the therapist not only listened but also suggested solutions which worked for me. It was a good experience overall and I got what I was looking for.

Soniya Goyal

One of my friend approached here for therapy and he had a great experience. I can see significant improvement in his mood and behavior. He's doing alot better now, I would recommend manoshala to everybody.

Khyati Srivastava

The Drama Therapy was reflective and reliving for me. I felt better knowing that others face similar issues and it's okay to feel how I do often. I often fail to give myself the care that I need but I ll definitely try. Thankyou for the session!

Himangi Patnaik

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen when I will talk to a psychologist?
    Typically, the psychologist will try to understand your current needs and the root cause of your behaviour. Then they will try to equip you with psychological techniques that can provide you with tools to handle your emotions, current state and explore yourself.
  • What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?
    Clinical psychologists focus on a population with serious mental health issues whereas counseling psychologists are equipped to deal with common stress and mental wellbeing.
  • Can I talk to my chosen expert before booking the session?
    Yes, there is a provision under the ‘Talk to Us’ tab on our homepage. Please use that to block a free 15 minute call with your chosen expert.
  • Can you assist me with stopping my tears, palpitations, over thinking or negative thoughts? "
    Yes, these experts are trained to assist you with dealing in such scenarios. These can be time consuming and may need some work but together we can bring positive changes.
  • How can ManoShala assist me?
    ManoShala has more than 30 experts who are verified professionals and are equipped to handle your emotions. We try to provide psychological techniques that can assist you to change perspective, overcome past and deal with yourself.

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Zoha - Zoha Merchant_edited.jpg


7+ years

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Relationship Psychologist

Anuradha Kunte

Anuradha Kunte

3+ years

Counseling Psychologist


Munira Pittalwala_edited.jpg

Munira P

9+ Years

Counseling Psychologist.

People Also Booked

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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is different for many people such as fear, worry, overthinking for an object/people/situation or place. It can be General anxiety, OCD, Social anxiety, Separation anxiety and Anxiety Disorder