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Rekindle the flame: 12 Tips to resolve physical intimacy issues

Updated: Jun 7

If you're like many people, your relationship has gone through periods of conflict and frustration. Physical intimacy can be crucial in maintaining a healthy, strong marriage. If things are strained, your sexual desire might be on the decline, causing problems for both of you. Don't worry—there are ways to work through these issues and get back in the mood. Here’s a quick guide:

Rekindle the flame: 12 Tips to resolve physical intimacy issues

1. Emotional Intimacy

A common problem in relationships is a lack of emotional intimacy. This can stem from tensions over issues like money and children, as well as from anger and stress. When one of you feels insecure or unhappy in other areas of life, your relationship can suffer. Addressing these underlying issues can improve emotional closeness, which is crucial for a strong sexual connection.

2. Communication

A good way to resolve physical intimacy issues is to communicate openly about what you're feeling and how it's affecting your relationship. Establishing trust through communication helps both partners feel safe discussing issues in detail. Remember, both partners must take responsibility for their actions and the consequences. A partner willing to discuss difficult issues openly is more likely to work through feelings and conflicts.

3.Try New Things

If you're feeling disinterested in sex, try not to shut down and avoid the issue. Instead, focus on renewing your desire for physical intimacy with your partner. Be flexible, open-minded, and attentive. Explore new ways of being intimate that might be more appealing. You might catch each other off guard by suggesting something new, like a weekend getaway, a massage, or a romantic dinner at home.

4. Don’t Take It Personally

Sometimes, sexual intimacy problems are due to personal health issues rather than relationship issues. If you're exhausted all the time, for example, you might find yourself less interested in sex. If this is the case, try to schedule more rest. Consult a healthcare professional if you're dealing with physical or mental health issues that impact your life negatively.

Rekindle the flame: 12 Tips to resolve physical intimacy issues

5. Consider Couples Counseling

Resolving physical intimacy issues isn't always easy on your own, and outside help might be needed. Discuss the possibility of couples counseling with your partner. This can be particularly important for couples with children. While not a quick fix, couples therapy can help work through relationship issues and improve intimacy.

6. Love Yourself

One of the most important steps in resolving physical intimacy issues is to love yourself first. When you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, it will be easier to feel confident and comfortable with your partner. Taking care of yourself boosts your energy and mood, making you more open to intimacy.

7. Make It Sexy

To enhance intimacy, try to make your relationship feel more sexy. Engage in activities like taking longer showers together, wearing lingerie, or doing household chores in a playful manner. Having fun together and being playful can rekindle your connection and make intimacy more enjoyable.

8. Spend Time Alone

Spending time alone can help overcome fears of rejection or inadequacy. It’s important to strengthen yourself to support your relationship better. Use this time to reflect and recharge, which can help you approach your relationship with a renewed perspective.

9. Keep It Low-Key

When you're feeling less sexually attracted to your partner, avoid making a big deal out of it. This can prevent frustration and escalation of the problem. Keeping things low-key helps manage the situation without adding additional stress or conflict.

10. Be Open

Honesty is crucial in resolving intimacy issues. Discuss problems openly, keeping communication straightforward. Avoiding the problem can cause more harm, so focus on your feelings about being intimate with your partner and encourage them to share theirs.

Rekindle the flame: 12 Tips to resolve physical intimacy issues

11. Make Time for Each Other

Disagreements and misunderstandings often root from not spending enough time together. Regularly making time for each other keeps both partners happy. Engage in relaxing activities together like taking a walk or reading a book to reduce stress and enhance your bond.

12. Get Comfortable

Rebuilding intimacy often involves getting comfortable with your partner again. Stay calm and straightforward, discuss what you need from each other, and make a plan to try something new. Being open and honest about your needs fosters a more intimate and trusting relationship.


Physical intimacy problems can be a difficult and frustrating issue to deal with, but resolving them is far easier than you might think. Try to keep communication open and honest with your partner, focus on your own self-esteem and curb your negative thoughts. If all else fails, talk with a doctor or another health care professional and consider couples counseling to resolve the problem.

FAQs on physical intimacy issues

Que. How can I improve physical intimacy in my relationship?

Ans. Improving physical intimacy involves open communication, exploring new activities together, prioritizing quality time, and addressing any underlying emotional issues. Building trust and expressing affection regularly can also help strengthen the physical connection, making both partners feel more valued and desired.

Que. What causes a lack of physical intimacy in a marriage?

Ans. Causes include stress, unresolved conflicts, health issues, emotional disconnect, and lifestyle changes. Factors like financial strain, parenting responsibilities, and busy schedules can also contribute. Identifying and addressing these root causes is essential for rekindling physical intimacy and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Que. How do I talk to my partner about intimacy issues?

Ans. Approach the conversation with empathy and openness. Choose a calm, private time to discuss your feelings without blaming. Use "I" statements to express your needs and listen actively to your partner's perspective. Creating a safe space for honest dialogue can foster understanding and collaborative problem-solving.

Que. Can couples therapy help with physical intimacy problems?

Ans. Yes, couples therapy can be very effective. A therapist can help identify underlying issues, improve communication, and provide strategies to rebuild intimacy. Therapy offers a neutral space to address concerns, heal emotional wounds, and develop a deeper, more fulfilling physical connection.

Que. What are some activities to improve physical intimacy?

Ans. Activities such as planning regular date nights, engaging in hobbies together, trying new experiences, or even simple gestures like holding hands and giving compliments can enhance intimacy. Physical activities like dancing or exercising together can also increase closeness and rekindle the romantic spark.


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