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Come Diwali, and the celebration knows no bounds.

Undeniably, it's meant to be that way– celebrating the victory of knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil–Diwali, in essence, is all about wisdom and happiness.

But, is that everything that sums up Diwali?

Besides the religious significance dating back to our epics, wearing new clothes, cooking, sending gifts to family and friends, lighting diyas, cleaning and decorating our house, is it just about following the culture?

Well, for a larger part it is, but then again, there's a lot more.

In this post, we will tell you how to embrace the spirit of Diwali and look past your daily episodes of anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, obsessions, and compulsions through little doings. And trust us when we say, you can find more than one reason to smile and live free.

Cleaning – A mantra to de clutter

Diwali cleaning of our homes and offices is not only meant to tidy up things. Clutter is directly related to stress while cleaning and organizing act as a natural stress reliever.

When you put things in order, you automatically gain command over your thoughts and take one step ahead to shun negativity.

Cooking– More like meditation

Highly underrated, men and women who deal with anxiety and depression as a regular occurrence can benefit a lot from devoting time to cooking.

Cooking is a lot like meditation, you won't get it right the first time. However, with time, as you learn to concentrate on your breathing, you start meditating. The same goes for cooking with your chosen ingredients, spices, and the method itself.

Likewise, this Diwali, try and cook up a recipe that you haven't tried before. Go all wrong, mess it up by all means. The trial and error you struggle through will only build your confidence. Challenge yourself and surprise your friends and family.

After a successful day in the kitchen, you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment, and that is an awesome feeling.

Style Up– Because there’s nothing fashion can’t cure

Although that sounds a tad bit exaggerated, Diwali is the perfect occasion to invest in yourself. Go visit a salon, get pampered, buy new clothes, and dress up sharp–you never know when you can be a head-turner at the Diwali party.

As you garner praises from onlookers, your pheromones incessantly fire up your sense of well-being. As a consequence, you find yourself in a happy mood, devoid of worries, and get to live a little.

The power of prayers– Unlock an otherwise blocked mind

Prayers are known to work wonders, especially from a psychological point of view.

No matter how deep or shallow your faith is, learn to pray every day because faith does not require one to be religious–it's all a matter of perspectives.

Praying for your own good or your near and dear ones instills a sense of thankfulness, renders a positive outlook, and reinforces your vision of life.

Final Thoughts

So you see, how a handful of little doings can brighten up your Diwali, help calm down your inner struggles, battle the blues in the spirit of light, and reclaim your life.

How do you plan on celebrating Diwali this year?

Drop us a line and let’s hang out in the comments section below.

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Ipsit Roy, Artist, Writer, Manoshala


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