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Depression that Feels Like Hopelessness and Loss of Interest

You are Not Alone 

Depression is a long lasting feeling of sadness. We know you might have tried to feel better but sometimes it needs a professional guidance.

ManoShala aims to first understand your needs and guide you to experts that can truely understand. Then your expert starts working at your pace even if you are regular, irregular or demotivated to do so. Your expert understands you are not your depression.

Being Able to Feel  |  Reduce Depression  |  Feel Content

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Does This Sound Familiar to You?

Mood Issues

  • I undergo constant mood swings.

  • I feel sad and empty most of the time.

  • I never feel excited about anything anymore.

Behavioural Issues

  • I have stopped doing things that I used to enjoy.

  • My sleep is disturbed and I have trouble concentrating.

  • I find it difficult to stay positive and optimistic.

Sleep Issues

  • I'm very tired and always sleepy during the day.

  • I have trouble falling asleep at night.

  • I force myself to sleep to avoid my negative thoughts.

What Happens in Depression Therapy?

We often tend to think this feeling will never go away but that is not true. It takes time for all of your negative thoughts, beliefs and habits to reverse, but depression therapy takes you through the process of healing. The process starts by changing your negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It helps you change how you think, how you feel and how you behave. We understand that there could be resistance to therapy or many questions regarding it. You can ask them all using ‘Talk to Us’ also. Remember even if you fall back we are here for you.


Understand your feelings and build trust with therapist.


Explore the feelings you are undergoing with your therapist.


Understand how your thoughts and behaviours affect you.


Identify the underlying issues that may be affecting you.


Undergo psychological thoughts rewiring with your therapist.


Talk to your therapist or practise creative therapeutic methods for consistent healing.

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What Problems Can Depression Therapy Solve?

The symptoms provided below are indicative. These can not be used for diagnosis of any mental health situation. You must discuss your situation with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for diagnosis.

These sessions are highly confidential and all our experts are bound by legal contracts.
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Mansoor Jamshed

5+ Years

Clinical Psychologist

Who are the Experts?

Mansoor has an experience in managing clients who have undergone physical and sexual trauma. Especially those who indulge in acts of self-harm. He also has experience in working with  people who have difficulty in managing prolonged and intense emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger that inhibit one's potential and add distress in everyday living.

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What have People Felt After Therapy?

Reduced stress and anxiety

Breaking negative thought patterns and hopelessness

Improved sleep and eating patterns

Understand the induced behaviour because of depression and manage it better

A sense of being able to get improve confidence and self esteem

What are People Saying About Us?

She is very calm and listen my problem very patiently and gave me so much positive energy2



It was thorough and to the point. Many techniques and practices were told during the session to counter the respective problem. The counsellor had a professional attitude and positive approach. Communication played a major role and I did not feel dejected anywhere in between. A conducive environment was set up which really made the session worth my time. Kudos to ManoShala for such humanitarian efforts !



I loved the session, had not expected that it would go that well, Really impressed. She is so calm, understanding and the way she explained and understood the scenarios though at first I was not able express myself properly, was commendable. I would like to thank the counsellor as well as ManoShala. I have been a little light, happy afterwards. Thanks a lot.

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What are People Also Booking?

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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is different for many people such as fear, worry, overthinking for an object/people/situation or place. It can be General anxiety, OCD, Social anxiety, Separation anxiety and Anxiety Disorder

  • What will happen when I will talk to a psychologist?
    Typically, the psychologist will try to understand your current needs and the root cause of your behaviour. Then they will try to equip you with psychological techniques that can provide you with tools to handle your emotions, current state and explore yourself.
  • What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?
    Clinical psychologists focus on a population with serious mental health issues whereas counseling psychologists are equipped to deal with common stress and mental wellbeing.
  • Can I talk to my chosen expert before booking the session?
    Yes, there is a provision under the ‘Talk to Us’ tab on our homepage. Please use that to block a free 15 minute call with your chosen expert.
  • Can you assist me with stopping my tears, palpitations, over thinking or negative thoughts? "
    Yes, these experts are trained to assist you with dealing in such scenarios. These can be time consuming and may need some work but together we can bring positive changes.
  • How can ManoShala assist me?
    ManoShala has more than 30 experts who are verified professionals and are equipped to handle your emotions. We try to provide psychological techniques that can assist you to change perspective, overcome past and deal with yourself.

What are Frequently Asked Questions?

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