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Ah, a To-do list for every day and a reminder for the pending work to be completed.

"I don't even have time for myself, my work gets piled up, I can't wait to have my time"

Self-care is the need of the moment for you, trust me, it can do wonders!

Self care as the name suggests, it's taking time for yourself, making your needs a priority and of course your mental health too.

It is when we try to allocate some time for ourselves and express our emotions either through pen and paper or through colours.

Lawler (2021), in her research suggests that self-care promotes positive health outcomes, such as fostering resilience, being better equipped to manage stressful situations and managing various emotions within the family.

Of course, family and boundaries is a separate blog to discuss. Coming back to the benefits of self care, it's vast.

"In addition to the existing evidence, it has its role in habit formation. Self-care behaviors that are consistent with individual goals are more likely to develop into habits and be maintained over time" (Grunseit, 2019).

In another research by "Goldfrey (2010)" Engaging in self-care is a process of being self aware, acquiring knowledge through experience and taking responsibility for meeting your needs.

This creates a "feeling good response" and self preservation. Mostly, in therapy sessions we talk about this with our clients and of course we also engage in self care.

As engaging in self care fosters protective factors such as self-awareness, self-esteem and sense of humour, it can reinforce a state of being resilient and looking for growth. (Kim et al., 2019).

Prioritising time for self care might be beneficial for us in the long run by making ourselves healthier and happier. We can try to build a self care routine by:

  • "Determine which activities bring you joy, replenish your energy, and restore your balance.

  • Start small by choosing one behavior you’d like to incorporate into your routine in the next week.

  • Build up to practicing that behavior every day for one week.

  • Reflect on how you feel".

"Self-care is a choice, as a step/strategy to take care of their well-being, relearn our hobbies and find a way to regulate our emotions".

If you or you know someone who might benefit from professional assistance, do reach out to us Manoshala.


Bhavya P.

Counselling Psychologist, Manoshala.

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