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Caretaker Workshop

Get Answers in the Journey of Caretaking

Learn to communicate and convince your loved ones for treatment undergoing emotional distress along with other caretakers under the guidance of an experienced and verified psychologist. You can ask questions and attend the session anonymously.

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60 Mins | INR 399 | 100% Confidential

Handle Crisis Situations  |  Convince for Treatment  |  Learn Self-Care

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You belong here!

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Mai apne parents ko kaise samjhau mental health

k bare main?

Kaise ready karu apne partner ko for therapy?

​Treatment ke liye kispe trust karu?

Who is a Caretaker?

A caretaker is someone who is emotionally supporting their loved one undergoing any kind of mental health struggles. They lead or support the treatment decisions, learn about gatekeeping methods, want to improve the health of the loved one and are impacted the most by loved one's mental health issues. They can be a partner, child, sibling, parent or a concerned friend.

What Happens in a Manoshala’s Caretaker Group Session?

This workshop will be taken by a psychologist with 7+ years of experience for caretakers through case studies, role plays, relaxation and QnA. It will equip you to handle crisis management, understand red flags, effective methods of treatment and learn self-care strategies. It will also give you an opportunity to listen to other caretakers and ask questions from the psychologist without disclosing your identity.

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Who Can Attend a Caretaker Group Session?

Please join if you are currently assisting, taking decisions or communicating for a person undergoing mental health struggles or you are undergoing mental health issues. This is a 60 minutes online session conducted in Hindi and English. Please join the session with an open mind, and pen & paper. Looking for an in-person session or group session for your organisation? Write to us on

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Want to convince for treatment

Understand if your loved ones need support

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Feeling drained and stressed as a caretaker

Know their trigger points and about effective communication

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How has This Helped Other Caretakers?


Clarity of thoughts


Recognizing burnout and feeling relaxed after the session


Learned to handle panic attacks and anxiety attacks


Improved knowledge about mental health issues and triggers


Reduced feeling of guilt by talking to other caretakers

What are People Saying About Us?

Very  exciting workshop!! Bahut kuch samajh aaya… Thank you.

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Since more people who are taking care of their loved ones attended the workshop, I felt very related. It was helpful.



Overall it was good. Helped me gain a perception about what can be done. Will recommend it to family and friends.

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What did People also Book?

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Art Therapy

Self-reflect, understand relationships and build actionable self awareness using art materials with women witnessing similar life situations under the guidance of a registered art psychotherapist. Look at yourself more closely through the different roles and reflect on the relationships in your personal, social and professional settings.

Would Like to Learn More?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen when I will talk to a psychologist?
    Typically, the psychologist will try to understand your current needs and the root cause of your behaviour. Then they will try to equip you with psychological techniques that can provide you with tools to handle your emotions, current state and explore yourself.
  • What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?
    Clinical psychologists focus on a population with serious mental health issues whereas counseling psychologists are equipped to deal with common stress and mental wellbeing.
  • Can I talk to my chosen expert before booking the session?
    Yes, there is a provision under the ‘Talk to Us’ tab on our homepage. Please use that to block a free 15 minute call with your chosen expert.
  • Can you assist me with stopping my tears, palpitations, over thinking or negative thoughts? "
    Yes, these experts are trained to assist you with dealing in such scenarios. These can be time consuming and may need some work but together we can bring positive changes.
  • How can ManoShala assist me?
    ManoShala has more than 30 experts who are verified professionals and are equipped to handle your emotions. We try to provide psychological techniques that can assist you to change perspective, overcome past and deal with yourself.
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