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Affordable and Unique Mental Health Solutions for Young India

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UPSC IAS Topper Talks About Mental Health During Her Preparation

Why is There an Urgent Need for Mental Health Support in Students?



of Gen-Z students feel anxious or stressed all or most of the time, Deloitte 2021

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One student commits suicide in every 45 minutes in India,

NCRB 2021



of Indians b/w 15-24 said that it is good to get support for mental health problems, Unicef 2021

Why Can't you Leave Student Issues on the Read?

As UNICEF report suggests that the condition of mental health in students has worsened as an impact of COVID-19. In its survey across 21 countries, "only 41 percent of young people in India also said that it is good to seek support for mental health problems, compared to an average of 83 percent for 21 countries". Further UNICEF India Representative said, “Children in India have been through a challenging time living through the risks and restrictions posed by the pandemic. Nothing could have prepared them for the onslaught of the second wave of the pandemic that hit India earlier this year. Children witnessed suffering and uncertainties that no child should have to see.”  

While as we all know the impact on children’s lives is incalculable, according to the WHO in 2020, the economic loss due to mental health conditions between 2012-2030 is estimated to be USD 1.03 trillion in India.  

The early signs of emotional and mental health concerns can be registered by teachers and parents. Therefore it becomes imperative to introduce mental health awareness and intervention as a part of the curriculum.

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Lack of Concentration


Low Confidence

Inappropriate Behavior

Exam Stress

Peer Pressure

Increased Hatred and Anger

Increased use of phones/ social media

Understanding Childhood Trauma and its Impact on Mental Health

What are Our Solutions?

Affordable Personal Counselling

We provide tele-counselling and video counselling through experienced psychologist and special educators for

1. Teachers

2. Students

3. Parents


Creative Art Based Wellness Sessions

We tailor make Social-Emotional Development Programs for schools using art, drama, music, mindfulness, roleplaying as medium of facilitation for:

Power of Focus and Concentration Behavioural Training and Regulation Personality Development for Confidence and Communication Management of Exam and Family Stress Digital and Mobile Addiction Anger and Anxiety Management

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Teacher's Training

Our teachers training programs are unique, interactive and high quality from the top experts in the country focused on:

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1. Identification of students' emotional and mental health needs

2. Mental health 'First Aid Workshop'

3. Anti-bullying

About ManoShala

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Why Should you Talk to Us?

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