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Group Music Therapy

Your Community in the Journey of Healing

Develop tools to recognize and manage your anger through music-based interventions along with people undergoing similar life situations led by an experienced board-certified music therapist. Join the session to recognize, accept and learn how to express your anger in healthy ways through sound, lyrics, and other musical strategies that do not require any musical training.

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Manage Anger  |   Reduce Anxiety  |  Control Emotions

60 Mins | INR 599 | 100% Confidential

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What is Music Therapy?

By releasing endorphins, music helps with stress relief and leaves participants with a feeling of calmness. A licensed music therapist enables you to tap into the part of your brain which is responsible for memory, emotions, and sensory projection neurons that help with decision making and feeling rewarded to help you understand your inner self and emotions. It enables muscle relaxation and lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

Music therapy is widely used to assist individuals in reducing anxiety, treating sleep disorder, OCD, trauma, negative mood, aggression, overthinking and reducing substance abuse and depression. It can immensely help people diagnosed with developmental disabilities like autism, ADHD, and others with self-esteem issues.

What Happens in a Manoshala’s Music Therapy Group Sessions?

Discover with our licensed music therapist how music can be used as a powerful tool to connect with ourselves, cope with anger, settle the nervous system, and re-establish balance. The therapist will be using cognitive behavioral music therapy (CBMT) and analytical music therapy to allow you to understand your triggers for anger closely. The session will consist of music making, listening and guided imagery to empower you with tools and techniques that can be used independently to cope with anger constructively.

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Who Can Attend a Music Therapy Group Session?

The session is for you if you are between the age of 20 and 38 years and are currently looking for a non judgemental safe space while undergoing emotional stress and anger issues. The virtual session is of 90 minutes conducted in Hindi and English on Zoom. Bring colors of your choice, a pen, paper, and an open mind. If you are looking for an in-person workshop or buying a group workshop for your organization? Write to us at

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Is guilty about your behaviour

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No one is able to understand your anger

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Feeling judged and tagged by everyone

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Not able to control your emotions

How has This Helped Other Participants? explain with the help of illustration

How has This Helped Other Participants?

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Decrease in brain fog

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Tools to control your anger

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Feeling relaxed and calm

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Space to express your anger without using words

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Healthy professional and personal relations

What are Participants Saying About Us?

For me, it was a very good experience. It was very relaxing for me. I liked the last ten minutes when she asked me to close my eyes and listen to the music.

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A stress breaker, feel fresh and relaxed.

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This session really helps. It helped me to express my anger without being able to talk about it. It helped me to sleep better too.

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What did People also Book?

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Drama Therapy

Accept your identity and release your trauma through storytelling and theater along with an LGBTQI+ community that is witnessing similar life situations under the guidance of an LGBTQI+  informed and registered drama therapist and psychologist. Work with the therapist to get clarity of thoughts, identity, and inclinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen when I will talk to a psychologist?
    Typically, the psychologist will try to understand your current needs and the root cause of your behaviour. Then they will try to equip you with psychological techniques that can provide you with tools to handle your emotions, current state and explore yourself.
  • What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist?
    Clinical psychologists focus on a population with serious mental health issues whereas counseling psychologists are equipped to deal with common stress and mental wellbeing.
  • Can I talk to my chosen expert before booking the session?
    Yes, there is a provision under the ‘Talk to Us’ tab on our homepage. Please use that to block a free 15 minute call with your chosen expert.
  • Can you assist me with stopping my tears, palpitations, over thinking or negative thoughts? "
    Yes, these experts are trained to assist you with dealing in such scenarios. These can be time consuming and may need some work but together we can bring positive changes.
  • How can ManoShala assist me?
    ManoShala has more than 30 experts who are verified professionals and are equipped to handle your emotions. We try to provide psychological techniques that can assist you to change perspective, overcome past and deal with yourself.
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