Relationships are meant to be bonds that help individuals grow together. It is when two people are happy and satiated in each other’s company. But not all relationships reach the zenith, some even fall apart mid-way. One needs a plethora of strength and acceptance to move out after the separation. It may lead to grief, hostility, regret and loss of self-esteem. But if worked upon this with a positive mindset, one comes out stronger and happier.


While feeling heartbroken, the body may have symptoms that may affect the mood and are physically seen. They may be permanent or temporary.

Fear or Trauma

Trust issues

Over thinking and anxiety

Sadness & crying

Self doubt


Loss of interest in day to day activities

Since the intensity may vary for everyone, seeking assistance can allow you to express and move ahead with a healthy approach.

Some questions you can ask yourself

If your answer to most of these questions is a YES, you might need to seek assistance from an expert. Don't forget, you can recover from trauma/anger/self-doubt associated with heartbreak.


Does this relationship add to my growth in life?


How can I inculcate self-love and a healthy relationship with myself?


Am I capable to fulfill my own needs and expectations?


Will I be able to re-write the narrative of my life?


Was it a healthy or a toxic relationship?


Were we both growing and learning together as partners?

Therapy and Benefits


Depending on various factors, breakups can be a traumatic, hurtful and stressful experience for many people. It comes with a lot of unrecognized and heavy emotions. Breakup brings in lots of overwhelming feelings that might be difficult to cope with and therefore

Therapy and Benefits.png


As the tunnel sees light in the end, so does a traumatic event in life. People opt for therapy as it is a safe space to express their bottled feelings freely. It helps them to acknowledge and accept the past. The therapist supports and assists them in inculcating coping strategies for the future. It takes time and effort as a client takes therapy sessions to finally heal with



Physical exercises act as a form of catharsis for the mind. Yoga and pranayama help in
rejuvenating both the body and the mind. The inclusion of meditation, body postures helps in the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of a person. It is a kind of non-verbal 
venting out of toxic emotions.

Expressive Art

Often an individual is not vocal about their feelings especially after a rough phase of their life. So, with the help of expressive art like singing, dancing, writing, painting people vent out. It is a way to channelize feelings in a positive direction and also be productive.