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A holistic way of life

Our desires are never-ending and goals unlimited. We are consistently pushing ourselves to find a place in this materialistic world.

As individuals we are constantly torn between past and future, we forget to live in the present with complete awareness. We forget to be in the here and now which is truly the only moment you feel closest to being alive. Each breath is a reminder of this feeling. How do we achieve this feeling?

The answer is Mindfulness — a secular practice that enables each person to live this moment, to touch the miracle of being alive through various techniques. It is a way of detaching your emotions from the past and the future to become fully aware of the moment we are in. It is a practice that an individual not only experiences but also embodies with each and every wave of life in all activities. It is a way of going inwards and listening to the emotions without indulging in them. It is a self-managerial technique of learning to observe ourselves and our environment without judgement and attachment.

This practice makes one realise that if you are sitting on the shore without any engagement, watching the waves, they will come and go as they are in their truest form. Just like the waves, our emotions will also rise and fall in their purest state if we just remain mindful and observe our own feelings. This will only deepen our joy, happiness and compassion.

Three simple mindfulness techniques to practice in our everyday lives are-

Tea meditation- Tea ceremonies are a part of many cultures. From making the tea to drinking the tea to becoming aware of its benefits on our mind and body. It makes us focus our complete attention on the entire process and thereby, each step of the tea making and drinking is done with mindfulness.

Walking meditation- Walking is such a regular part of our living that we tend to forget that we once worked hard to learn how to walk. So, when we practise walking meditation, we take each step without rushing, with total awareness and gratitude in order to appreciate the miracle of walking on earth and being alive.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” -Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Deep relaxation- We have heard people say they feel tired even when they have slept for hours or they feel tired, moments after waking up. This shows that even when our bodies are resting, our mind is unable to relax to the extent it needs to. To calm our mind and connect it for a deeper experience, Mindfulness helps in deeply relaxing the entire body and our mind and refreshing it to begin working again.

You can find such mindfulness-based interventions and more at ManoShala.


Ananya Zutshi, Mindfulness Therapist, Manoshala


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